Commercial offer

Round shoelaces strings for clothes and advertising bags

Our flat shoelaces and round shoelaces can have different parameters such as: length, width, texture (braided, woven and knitted shoelaces), yarn type and colour. We produce shoelaces that can be used in shoes, clothes (training trousers, hoods), advertising bags (paper bags), covers, etc. Some of the cords are pressed in high temperature (eg, knitted tubular shoelaces- no. 1480-1490).

Finishing of cord’s ending ( shoelace tag )can be made of colourless, white or black foil, in length 12,5 or 20mm (tag diameter depends on cord width ). In the same way can be also finished elastic cords and flat elastic and all types of thin ribbons. We can also make shoelaces tag on customer’s cords.
Art.1711 - metallic string
Symbol 1711
Width 6mm
Composition Cotton/PE + REXOR
Coil Hank
Unit 50m